Flexibility and elegance are the key elements in the Funny series. This design cuts across boundaries, stepping into both management and operations offices and creating a new aesthetic level, addressing and resolving the widest possible range of functional and spatial demands. The requirements of management and the needs of the operations department are constantly evolving in step with changes in the workplace, and Funny has the right answer for all of them.

Management spaces have a value of their own: they convey prestige while addressing actual workday problems. The offerings from Funny+ meet these requirements with a number of furnishing systems and supporting structures, each with its own personality and versatility in terms of arrangement. The quality of the design, the selection of materials, the adaptability of the product, and meticulous execution reflect the goal of making it easier to do your job.

Operations offices are places of constant change, both in terms of their arrangement and in terms of their use and constant update of technology. Whether working individually or in a group, for communications or meetings, Funny has a simple and complete answer to these needs. From a single desk to more complex creations, from reception desks to call centers to conference rooms, with Funny you can design office spaces in synergy and harmony with office wellness.